Hiring The Right Commercial Roofing Company

When it comes to getting the right roof from the right roofing company, you can never be too careful or too thorough. A new roof, or even a roof repair, is not a small investment and you need to feel confident that the team you hire is going to do a great job. This holds even truer when you are considering hiring a commercial roofing company to replace or repair the roof of your business.


In today’s blog, Xpress Roofing and Construction in Albuquerque will walk you through the right way to select a great commercial roofing company who you can trust to execute your work with precision and integrity. If you’re looking for an experienced, reliable commercial roofing company in the Albuquerque area, call Xpress Roofing and Construction to talk with one of our friendly team members about your project. Otherwise, read on to learn more about how to make sure you make the right choice when selecting a commercial roofer for your project.



Check For Commercial Roofing Licensing & Insurance


When it comes to getting started in your search for the right commercial roofing company, you need to expect to put in a little footwork. Not all roofers are qualified to work on your business. In most states, commercial roofing contractors must hold a license specific to the commercial space in order to be hired by a business. By contacting your local city or county building office and asking for a list of licensed commercial roofers, you can eliminate unqualified contractors and save yourself time.


It’s pretty unlikely that you will get a recommendation from the building office staff, even though they will be pretty familiar with most of the roofing contractors on your list, so take some time to examine online reviews and ask other business owners if they have anyone they would refer you to. Pick one or two commercial roofers off of your new short list and move on to the next step.



Contact & Interview A Commercial Roofer


Before you make any calls, make sure you know some basic details about your project, like what kind of roof you have (flat, pitched, shingle, metal, etc.) and roughly how large the square footage of your roof is. They will measure to be exact, but being able to provide a rough idea will help them determine if they are capable of handling your project.


Once you call a roofing company, Xpress Roofing and Construction recommends keeping detailed notes of how the conversation goes. Make sure to note if they are courteous and helpful, even if they don’t immediately have all of the information you are looking for. Can they schedule a consultation in a reasonable amount of time? Who will be meeting with you and what is his or her position within the company? Also, make sure to ask how long they typically take to get an estimate put together once they have had a chance to see your roof. Most importantly, ask these two questions:


  1. Can they provide proof of insurance to you at the consultation?
  2. What kind of warranty do they offer on their workmanship?


Getting this information will help give you an initial sense of whether or not this is a team you want to work with. Xpress Roofing and Construction carries all the necessary insurance, works on all types of commercial roofs, and guarantees our workmanship for five years.




Meet With The Commercial Roofer


For the commercial roofing contractor, the consultation is the first real chance to work at earning your business. For you, the business owner, this initial meeting is your first real opportunity to talk to an expert from the roofing company about what they can offer, what your roofing project actually requires, and get a feel for whether or not you believe that they are interested in just doing the job or doing the job right.


During this meeting, you’ll want to make sure that the representative from the commercial roofing company does a good job of communicating clearly, explaining the condition of your roof and the work that they need to do, and outlines actionable items for the next steps of the process including what you need to do for your insurance claim (if you are filing one) and when you can reasonably expect a detailed, written quote for the work.


Get a Written Estimate


Although very few commercial roofing companies have the ability to produce an estimate and contract for you on the spot, you’ll want to know what to expect in terms of a timeframe for estimate and contract write up.


Make sure to read through your contract once you have it and ask specific, detailed questions about anything you don’t understand.



Choose a Local, Reputable Commercial Roofer


If you’re not local to Albuquerque, make sure to choose a commercial roofing company that has an established reputation and has been serving your community for long enough to know the nuances of roofing in your area. If you are in Albuquerque, call Xpress Roofing and Construction and let us put our years of experience and our dedication to quality commercial roofing to work for you.